Inactive Students

If you use groups in Canvas for your courses, you have probably wondered if “all” students are participating.  Well, wonder no more.  This 56-second tip of the week covers how to quickly identify those that are inactive.

Virtual Classroom with Zoom in Canvas (How to make a module a common Zoom link)

Do you have a favorite food?  Well, of course you do.  What about two favorite foods?  Have you ever craved both at the same time and based on some strange impulse decided to combine the two?  Sometimes this strange, but common, act can produce something wonderful.  Mixing sweet with sour, for example, has created some really good food.  Now that you are hungry and thinking about food, I want to redirect.  Just as mixing foods can produce some great combinations, so can mixing products.  There are two products that are used at Yavapai college that when combined can compliment each other in a good way.  Watch this video to see how Canvas coupled with a dash of Zoom can create a delectable duo.