The new QM Accessibility webpage is live!

In the world of QM, one of the essential standards (8.2) reads, “Information is provided about the accessibility of all technologies required in the course. “

As you prepare your online or hybrid course, are you linking to the privacy and accessibility statements for the tools used in your course?  If not, this announcement is for you!  If so, this announcement is also for you!

Your QM@YC team (that’s me!) has built a web page for all of us to include in our Start Here module that satisfies this standard. ( )

Please take a quick look to see if the tools you use in your online or hybrid class are listed.  If not, please send me those links and I will be happy to add them to this web page. Feel free to link to this page from your online or hybrid course: it was designed with all of us in mind.

Questions?  Please contact me at

Thanks for contributing to our shared success!


Project Based Learning (PBL)

Teacher of the year awards… who wins those?  What do they do that is so darn “special”?  Well in this video you will hear from an award winning teacher from Australia and what she does.  Give it a watch and see if there is anything that sparks your creativity!  Video

Teaching methods

You know, there are a lot of things that we need to keep in mind when it comes to teaching.  One thing that is not often discussed is grit.  The students that are most likely to succeed have it.  So, how do we cultivate it?  Well here is a quick Ted Talk to get the wheels turning…  Link

SumSumSummer Institute Institute

Summer Institute number 12 is Tuesday, May 9th & Wednesday, May 10th.  With fantastic home-grown general sessions and over 25 day and evening workshops, it’s going to be another great time to learn and socialize. The Final Faculty Standing competition is a chance to win an iPad Air 2! You can peruse the entire amazing schedule right now:

Then use the YC training site to register:

Get a bittersweet taste of what’s to come in this TRAILER to Tuesday’s, general session: The Teaching Zone: True Confessions from the Trenches of Teaching. What’s your teaching secret?

EDU210: Major Project: Cultural Diversity in Education

Lesson Plan:


Teacher: Kristen Kauffman
Grade: 11
Curricular Areas: English


Framework Standards: CC.11-12.RI1 (The standard reads: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain.)
Lesson Objective: Because The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a book that deals with bullying, students will focus on non-verbal cues to understand not only what bullying is, but how it feels to be the victim of bullying.
Materials: -Sticky labels –marker –large area –reference to The Scarlet Letter (though book is not required for this lesson)
1.     Anticipatory Set:
Students will conduct bellwork on this (as every other) day. On Mondays, students practice sentence corrections; on Tuesdays, students practice critical response thinking to thoughtful quotes; on Wednesdays, students respond to questions related to Greek Mythological stories; and on Thursdays, students write creative stories in response to weird laws (wondering what happened to lead to those weird laws).

Quality Matters @ Yavapai College!

QM@YC is excited to announce that the first courses have been submitted by our faculty for Quality Matters Certification!

Quality Matters (QM) is a process by which professors can assess the design of their online or hybrid courses to meet a level of excellence that is rooted in educational research and proven student (and teacher!) success.

QM is a robust assessment of course structure; it focuses on the design of online/hybrid course environments as opposed to assessing instructional content. Each online class earns its own certification. The QM certification follows the course- not the instructor. In other words, if one instructor has a class that earns its certification, that course could be shared with another instructor and is still QM certified unless the new teacher makes significant changes to the design of the course.

At Yavapai College, QM is the only process named as being part of the improvement efforts YC is conducting. QM was just approved as an assessment tool by our Faculty Senate. Most of our full-time and many of our part-time faculty have been trained in QM’s Standards and have been applying them to their courses.

When these courses become certified, the submitting faculty will be hosting refreshments at their upcoming department or division meeting, courtesy of the folks at QM@YC!  Be sure to congratulate the faculty on their hard work if this happens for your department!

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please contact Lindsay Henning; I am looking forward to hearing from you!