Educated on the Internet?

There is much discourse about online courses and the future of college. From the teacher’s perspective, it takes more time, we should be paid more, work whenever you want, and sometimes more interaction with students than in face to face classes. For students, flexibility, flexibility, and sometimes, cheaper. Where ever you are on the timeline of online learning and whatever your role, it is here and in all likelihood it will continue to grow. Here is a 30 minute NPR interview that looks at some of the challenges and benefits.

William Butler Yeats Library

I have a nice collection of first editions. Mostly contemporary authors, but I do have some really wonderful older editions of my favorite authors. Many are my great-grandfathers. And I love libraries. Here is what online libraries can look like. To be able to visit some of these resources online is nothing short of a miracle to me. The handwritten pages, the images, the art in the books, and the carefully choreographed wander through this online library is nothing short of beautiful!

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Your Office!

Well, not yet, but it will. Educomm is a well known conference for higher education instructors using technology. In 2010 it will be in Las Vegas, maybe you can go? As with many conferences, the conference sessions are videotaped and often the slides and or handouts are available on the conference website. Here is a page with many of the Educomm conference sessions from years past.

“Report Showed Broad Faculty Dissatisfaction”

This month Chronicle’s Community College Newsletter shared information collected by Sloan-C noting that there is broad faculty dissatisfaction with online training and support, among other things. Of course we here at TELS take exception to that. With the Summer and Winter Institutes, our online resources, and our offices manned eight hours a day with the sole purpose of helping faculty with instruction, we think we have done rather well. We do understand of course that we could do better. How we ask?

Skype in for Online Office Hours?

For far away family members who have the technical prowess and connectivity gusto, there is nothing like Skype for a conversation. For online faculty, it presents the option to allow students to communicate face to face with them in real time. Now we are headed towards deeper synchronous online communications. Why you might ask. Click here. Want to learn more. Click here.

Do You Recall Teaching Your First Online Course?

Well, has it improved? Look how far we have come in just a few years in our ability to deliver content online. From those old text based days to video and interactive simulations! Here is a blogger who ponders the same questions. For us here at YC, what did your first class look like? How does it look now?

Just When You Thought You Had PowerPoint Figured Out!

Let’s face it, long sentences after bullet points and cheesy clip art in a presentation are boring and rarely helpful to students. Adding video, audio, and engaging images, as well as actively engaging the audience will produce better results. This wiki has some great links and this presentation (strangely appropriate audio) will get you going. Here is one for starters!