Jonathan Finklestien Again!

This fellow was a huge inspiration for the very idea of the TELS Webletter over a year and a half ago. He is back with us this month interviewing Stephen D. Brookfield in a discussion about education. This time the conversation is about leadership and how we teach or “lead” our courses.

This short podcast will interest anyone looking for ways to improve their facilitation skills and foster more inclusive learning communities — online or offline.

Why Limit Students to One Teacher?

The author of this blog said, “It was interesting and reassuring how “learning” was the largest word in the cloud and not “education.” I was interested. Check out this article (and the comments it has inspired) by the same fellow. The author wonders, “Why limit students to one teacher when a large number of them exist outside the institution? Why limit students to a truncated classroom conversation when a much larger one is taking place all over the world?” I have to wonder too.

“The computer is ultimately disruptive,” he says.

The author of this blog posting, Mark Pesce, is best known for his early work in Virtual Reality Modeling Language or VRML. He has long been on the cutting edge of technology and his insights into the future of education and the web should be noted. Should we capture everything? Where do you think open courseware will take us?

When I First Saw These Videos…

I remember thinking that they explained the concept so well. I have watched several over the last year, never being linked from any one place, just lots of references to them. So here is the website they all live at. Totally cool husband and wife production!

An Invitation to All Faculty.

During lunch and in the halls at the Winter Institute I was blessed with wonderful conversation about education. There is so much to wonder about and learn! Here is an invitation to share some of those thoughts and ideas with colleagues. Take a look.