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Welcome to the Spring 2017 Online Course Open House  on the Internet. We have a fine selection of course homes to tour, beginning with a wonderfully designed cottage with some fancy books across the front giving it some real curb appeal. Other properties include a well located new build and a recently remodeled beach condo.

To access these: click on any of the links below and click the link in the upper right corner that says “Enroll in Course”, then take yourself on a self-guided tour.

To un-enroll, see this doc.

Bentz ACC 131

Black AJS 212

Grimm ECE/PSY 234

Zazueta AGS 280Dennison MGT 231Mueller MUS 245Bliss NSG 235Ruddell PSY 277Waldenburger REL 201Clark REL 201Reynolds SPA 101

Beauchman MAT 167

O’neill ECE 210

Hardman AHS 230Bloomenstein ART 232Freriks BIO 100


10 thoughts on “Online Course Open House

  1. I was so happy to join Dr. Mary Ann Clark in her session today to explain some of the reasoning behind the design. It was her “Back” button which got me to think about adding a Module and Home option to my pages!

    I appreciate people allowing us to venture into their courses. Seeing what other’s do is one way to make myself a better online instructor.

  2. I appreciated what Tina Luffman showed us in her English 082 course as she explained she deliberately placed a picture of the required textbook in the banner of her course. Anytime I can tie content of the assigned book to the course it seems to help make connections for the students. She does this right off the bat on the homepage of her course.

  3. It really made me think of things differently when I saw the way Ellen Savoini created simple tables with buttons in PowerPoint to easily navigate her A&P course. She showed everyone a simple and logical way to cleanly organize our courses. I think being able to click a button is less cumbersome for students than scrolling through weeks of assignments. I really appreciate seeing other people’s ideas for course design.

  4. I love doing this… Could spend all night looking at others’ courses. We are all so creative and think so differently. We can all learn from this. I love the elimination of the word “module” in the Humanities course. I also see that I need to make my home page much simpler. When we get home I will go through them all again. Thanks for putting them up.

  5. I learned that no matter how challenging the content is, teachers can and should present the content in an organized and consistent manner for each module in Matt Pearcy’s class. I try to do this in my developmental and First Year courses, but Matt does it as well. I also like the way he uses ISSUU to present his syllabus. Thanks for letting me share your time today, Matt, in the morning session as well!

  6. I toured Kathy Karpinsky’s course on whole foods. I loved the simple organization. I learned that the home page can be a simple landing page that can give keys to success in the course and simple navigation to the other elements in the course. I guess I already knew that, but I don’t really do it this way with a great landing page to keep things simple, and I should. From the course content itself, I learned what a Healthful Diet is. I would only suggest, perhaps, adding some diversity to assessments and maybe adding activities between the learning videos to create some generative learning strategies, prior to testing the students. Students need a way to start adding the new info into their long term memory. Having a test could help, but a “viewing guide” for the videos or a voice thread where students answer questions about the videos or explain the videos to a friend, etc. Also, most importantly, a vegan diet can help with prostate cancer. – Curtis Kleinman

  7. After reviewing several of the courses, I found that I want to change my opening page. I really liked the pictures that Jason and Tina used instead of a modules listing. I could use different pictures of pregnancy for my OB course. I also liked how Matt Pearcy has a video introducing himself and the course on the Home page. I’ll be working on these soon.

  8. I have really appreciate the instructors who have opened their canvas courses for us to explore during this “open house”. Having the opportunity to be able to explore through a whole course and see all the features that many of them have utilized has been eye opening and given me many new ideas to improve my own course.

  9. I really enjoyed exploring our science guru’s (Matt and Ellen) Canvas sites. I was really interested to see Matt’s use of open source textbooks and how he integrates that into his course; it is so well organized, easy to follow, and a great model for online courses. I was also impressed with their lectures – I want to look more at Articulate and other ways to present material. Great work!! Thanks a million to all that shared – amazing.

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