Fourth Annual March for Best Practices! March 2017

nullAre you ready to march with us in 2017?

The March for Best Practices is a month-long opportunity for Faculty to create 1 or 2 short videos explaining a best practice they use in their teaching, and how that connects to a QM rubric standard. Just send the link to your video to, or contact us for assistance.

The movement is spreading:
Northwestern Michigan College
Glendale CC
Chadron State College

You can see Todd’s conference presentation about this from QM2016 here.

This is a peaceful march, so please, no screaming obscenities, throwing objects, flipping cars, or demeaning those who do not support our noble cause.

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Course Learning Objectives are Clearly Stated

CHRIS HEYER Best Practice: Multimedia and Student Engagement

MIKE RUDDELL Best Practice: Keeping Textbook Costs Down for Students

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Using Multimedia to Engage Students

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Course Materials are Appropriately Cited

KELLY TRAINOR Best Practice: Course Design and Learner Engagement

STEVE DOYLE Best Practice: Using multimedia tools and student engagement

DAVE GRASER Best Practice: Dave shares how he uses a blog in his math class

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: The assessments measure the stated learning objectives

JASON WHITESITT Best Practice: Field trips are possible and often amazing!

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Give Student a Great Course Overview

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Providing a Great Course Overview

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Clear Directions about Course Design

EVENT ORGANIZER Welcome to the 2015 March for Best Practice!

VERDE ADJUNCT FACULTY Best Practice: Sharing with your colleagues

THATCHER BOHRMAN Best Practice: Using synchronous learning tools

JERI HAMILTON Best Practice: Multiple opportunities to assess learning

LINDSAY HENNING Best Practice: Student introductions in class

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Project based and active learning


LINDSAY HENNING Best Practice: Instructions make clear how to get started

IMPLEMENTING QUALITY MATTERS How a Texas college implemented QM

MIKE RUDDELL Best Practice: Orientation options for students

MARIE HARDMAN Best Practice: Information about online resources

TRACY RUSSO Best Practice: Developing an online presence

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Assessments measure stated objectives

CHRIS HEYER Best Practice: Student support and feedback

JASON WHITESITT Best Practice: QM 8.3 Course Design

SUZANNE WALDENBERGER Best Practice: Students pose and answer questions

JASON WHITESITT Best Practice: QM 6.2 Media supports learner engagement

LARRY GRIMM Best Practice: Be authentic ,be you, and your online presence.

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Clearly stating course goals and objectives

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Collaboration activites reinforce course content

CURTIS KLEINMAN Best Practice: Learning opportunities support active learning

MARCH ORGANIZER Best Practice: Opportunities for self assessment

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Video introduction for online classes

JERI HAMILTON Best Practice: Consistent course navigation

LAURA CLINE Best Practice: Learner Support in Syllabus

JUSTIN BRERETON Best Practice: Using other experts

SUZANNE WALDENBERGER Best Practice: Using media for documentation

THATCHER BOHRMAN Best Practice: Providing Substantial Feedback to Students

MARK DeLONG & TRACY RUSSO How Professional Development looks at NMC!

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Objectives clearly written

CHARLES LOHMAN Best Practice: Guidance on how to obtain accommodation

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Materials used in the course are appropriately cited

SAL BUFFO Best Practice: Designing engaging activities

LARRY GRIMM Best Practice: Creating classroom lectures using Tegrity

CURTIS KLEINMAN Best Practice: Course technology supports engagement

RANDOM STREET MUSICIAN Best Practice: Sharing what we do well!

TODD CONAWAY Best Practice: State the course objectives

JENNY JACOBSON Best Practice: Active learning leads to desired outcomes

UNKNOWN PROTESTER Best Practice: Guiding your students through the class

TODD CONAWAY Best Practice: Required and optional material

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Sharing an introduction of yourself

TODD CONAWAY Best Practice: Course is visually and functionally consistent

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