Faculty Showcases

Our 2013 Spring Faculty Showcase

April 10th, 2013

Curtis Kleinman

Curtis Kleinman shares how he uses cell phones as a way to communicate in his classes.

Karly Way

Karly has been using Flatworld Knowledge textbooks and written her own textbook for the courses she teaches. This session is a conversation about the textbook options available to teachers.

Dave Graser

How I Provide Feedback in My Online Math Course

Larry Eddy

Larry has “Flipped his classroom for a couple of years now. In this session he will share why, and how he has done that.

Our Fall Faculty Showcase

October 18th, 2011

The full Collaborate recording is available here.

Curtis Klienman

Curtis has used Blackboard Collaborate as a student and as a teacher. He is currently one of the 9 YC educators using Collaborate in his courses.

 Suzanne Waldenberger

Suzanne has run one of her courses out of the 3D GameLab this semester and here are her reflections on the environment and game play in academic environments.

Ellen Savoini

The cost of textbooks in all academic environments is one of the struggles institutions face. Ellen explains how she has solved the problem for students.

Matt Pearcy

Matt explains some of the challenges and benefits he has encountered in using Facebook in some of his courses.


Our Spring Faculty Showcase

April 6th, 2011

Kelly Trainor

Kelly has moved some of his course content, and the organization of it, to a website using the WordPress platform. This accomplishes a couple of valuable things. First, it allows his students to access course material long after the course is over, and secondly it allows future students, colleagues, and the community at-large to see what Kelly is doing in his classes. Here is his site.

Laura Cline

Laura has been using YouTube as a way to explain ideas (lectures) to students and as a way to introduce the course activities in her courses. Below is an example.

Here is her presentation from the Showcase:

Larry Frolich

Larry often starts classes with a short reading. He reads to set the stage for the day and to create atmosphere. He creates a setting for the class and he shares ideas that create conversational topics to start the class with.

Marissa Wolfe

Marissa uses several tools in her math classes to create content including Camtasia and a Bamboo tablet. Below is an example of her work.

[screencast url=”http://www.screencast.com/t/x5t8Fxxpx” width=”590″ height=”400″]

Here is her presentation from the Showcase!

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