New Features in Turnitin

  • Faster formative Similarity Reports – Give students more support to master paraphrasing and citation conventions. For instructors who allow resubmissions within their assignment settings, students will be able to view their Similarity Report, then revise and resubmit their work up to three times, without waiting 24 hours.
  • Actionable data for instructors – Empower your faculty to track class-level trends in submissions, feedback, and papers with high similarity scores. Instructors will be able to download class usage files from their Turnitin homepage. Available via and Basic integrations only.
Keep an eye on the release notes and Twitter @TurnitinProduct for more information.


Inactive Students

If you use groups in Canvas for your courses, you have probably wondered if “all” students are participating.  Well, wonder no more.  This 56-second tip of the week covers how to quickly identify those that are inactive.

Teaching Whisper…shhhhh

Stephanie Scoville


Teaching and learning, and new ideas…having been on both sides of the equation for so long, some days I feel totally unprepared to be the ‘teacher’ and wonder how in the world it happened…and then, the other days.  Those are the days I love.  And what keeps me involved with the students, and wanting to get better at what I do.

I teach Pharmacology, and I am fully aware that it is not the most exciting course, nor the favorite course of the students required to take it.  I am always trying to get them involved in the broad stroke, conceptual elements, and connecting the content to the patient.  Sometimes it involves the pictures, practice questions, case studies…and the case studies give them the opportunity to discuss the content, apply it to a scenario, and work with others.  All that education/learning theory being applied (by me) and helping the students improve their critical thinking skills.  Of course, it sounds great in theory, you might ask, and ‘how do you know it is working?’

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Canvas Satisfaction Survey Results

The survey says…!

The TeLS dept. recently put out a survey to the faculty about satisfaction with Canvas and ease of use.  There were almost 70 faculty that took it (69 to be exact)!  Thank you to all that participated.  The information that was received from this survey is very important to us for many reasons.  So what were the results?  Well, the first question on the survey was, “How happy are you with Canvas?”  37% of participants gave it a 5, 40% gave it a 4, 18% gave it a 3, 3% gave it a 2 and 2% gave it a 1.   Continue Reading “Canvas Satisfaction Survey Results”

It was a good week!

By Stephanie Scovill

It is Wednesday! Woohoo! Only 10 more teaching hours this week, then grading my little hands off for the weekend.  But it was a great week! And not because I won the lottery or found a long lost rich uncle, but because that mid-term time when nursing students begin to say ‘oh. That’s why we…’  is here.  Lightbulbs!

Nursing students are tremendously stressed-out human beings.  You have seen them – maybe.  By mid second semester some wear sweats and slippers because they overslept secondary to another late night of studying.  They have test after test.  As you may know, pre-licensure nursing programs end with the students eligible to take the NCLEX -the licencing exam.  This is the definition of high-stakes testing.  So we get them ready by giving them high-stakes test after high-stakes test.  Learning how to answer those questions is different from any other type of exam.  Continue Reading “It was a good week!”