A reflection for the last post
It is what I enjoy most

Not the reflection part
I state this from the heart

It is the last post
That I will be giving a toast

The time has been busy for sure
But, I didn’t mind the detour

It was all about the education
During this whole duration Continue Reading “Nine”


I find it hard at times
To continue with these rhymes

It takes a bit of skill
When done it can be a thrill

To post something each week
Almost makes me out to be a geek

Always the topic should meet
Some academic treat

This one will be short
For there is really nothing to report

The students are mostly great
In fact, a high percentage at this rate Continue Reading “Seven”


To post or not to post.
This is the question I ask.

Comments are the focus this week.
This is the actual task.

I figured I could still write
Just a quick word or two.

No big deal to do a post.
t’s actually for me and not you.

I’ve been super busy these days.
Programn Review is up.

Paperwork has been sent to cirriculum.
Now I can do all my catchup. Continue Reading “Six”


Week five it seems to be
No direction has been supplied to me

I’ll just do a post
On what I enjoy most

Teaching is where it’s at
So hold onto your hat

I love that light bulb moment
When the student understands the component

It makes me smile
To know it’s worthwhile Continue Reading “Five”


What drives me to grade
On the weekend and nights
This is the challenge
TeLS has given

It seems this is natural
At least it is to me
To provide feedback quickly
For students who paid their tuition

Student success they shout
Should we not dive in 24/7
Answer that question asked
Even if it is Saturday at midnight

I think the reason I do it
It is what I would want
To have that connection
To not answer would be impolite Continue Reading “Four”


It’s been a long time
Since I have been teaching online

What I thought would be simple
Has placed me at times in a pickle

It is not as easy as many think
You need to make everything sync

By this it is meant in all areas
If not, there will be total hysteria

I find the student feel the same way
As many have to say Continue Reading “Two”


To my door they came


That time of the year


To me it’s all the same


To blog is a daily thing


Just add teaching now is the aim



Last time I did these with a Rhyme


Sounds like a great challenge


See what happens over time


Will I be able to last


In this crazy world of mine


Continue Reading “One”

Student Time…Again

…as many of you know, I bring students into Second Life for a Game Theory and Design Principles course. 

The college decided I also needed to teach a Basic Programming course. This is something I am not that great at. In fact, I had to learn the steps before the students! It was a great learning experience for me and I am starting to understand the steps involved in scripting.


I decided these students also needed to step into the virtual environment and learn some LSL to go along with their C# and JS ;-D

We even did Halloween Tour for Extra Credit…