Teaching methods

You know, there are a lot of things that we need to keep in mind when it comes to teaching.  One thing that is not often discussed is grit.  The students that are most likely to succeed have it.  So, how do we cultivate it?  Well here is a quick Ted Talk to get the wheels turning…  Link

New features

If you haven’t seen the latest in Canvas as of the end of January, then take a quick look at this video.  Some of the new features include:

A quick snapshot of a student’s activity and performance with what are called Context Cards.  Simply select a name from the people tab and see their snapshot.

Another useful option is the recurring calendar event.  In this update you can limit the number of times that a repeating event occurs.

The student’s to-do list for assignments only populates with assignments that are NOT past due.  Once an assignment is past-due, the student will not see that assignment in their to-do list.  This feature provides less late entries and more accountability.

There are some more features that you may find useful so check out the video at:



Wouldn’t it be nice to access all Canvas assignment parameters from a single spreadsheet? Well…

You can!  I had an instructor want to remove deadlines from all assignments and they didn’t want to have to do it one assignment at a time.  The process to get this single-access-spreadsheet function set up is a little detailed, but once in place, you can quickly access ALL assignment parameters in one spreadsheet.  If you make a change to a quiz name on the spreadsheet, it changes on Canvas.  Change a due date on the spreadsheet and it’s done on Canvas.  Want to quickly change a set of due dates?  It’s all there on one page.  Nice right!  Check it out and see if you could benefit from this function.

A little video spice is nice…

Do you like to have fun with your videos?  If you do then you might like this.  How to add elements to your videos and make them move.  If you have iMovie, Final Cut or similar video programs then give this video tutorial a peep.

Question banks

Do you have some questions that might be good for some later assessments but don’t want to make a quiz right now?  Check out this video so that you can capture some quick assessment inspiration without the perspiration of making an assessment right now.

New options in Canvas!

Canvas has some pretty cool options being released!


Cool new features that are on their way:

1.  You can add a picture to the class icon on the homepage.

-This setting will be the first thing that is seen when you select settings in any given course.


2.  You can underline all links for a course.  Kinda cool!  Sometimes links are hard to identify and this is a quick fix!

-This setting is found by selecting the account option from the left nav bar (it’s the one that should have your picture) and then select settings.  Down at the bottom is where you will find the option to underline links..  


3.Ever made a calendar event only to find that it was assigned to the wrong calendar?  Oops.  Before, you could not re-assign the calendar, but now you can!  Yay!  

-Simply select the event and from a list of calendars, select the correct calendar!


4.  Admins now have the ability to set up ‘Help links’ in the left-hand nav bar.  If there is something that the college wants all instructors to have in their courses to ‘help’ them or their students, it can be done!


5.  Canvas Live!  (It’s where other instructors that use Canvas live.)  It’s a place to get instruction and ideas from other instructors in real time!