Skype for Yavapai

Since the college has decided on Office365 as it’s new email platform last month, a couple thoughts have been going around in my head. Yes, just two thoughts – I’m a simple man! One is: why we didn’t go with Google? The other is: when do I get to try Skype for Business?

I’m quite fine with the Microsoft solution. I’m going to continue to use Google apps in my work life as much as ever, and I’ll get the chance to learn something new. Lot’s of folks have told me how great OneNote is, and I already use the online version of Outlook more than the installed client (and appreciate its ability to let me add an avatar to my email). It’s all one big learning experience after all, with change the only constant. Yes, you caught me on a good day.

Skype for biz does excite me a little.

I’m already a huge Skyper, and the business version is supposed to pile on the features: remote screen control, unlimited users, and everyone at YC already in my contact list. Skype has been such a boon to my work as well as personal communication, I’m truly excited that it might be easier to employ it for our online courses to bring learners in closer proximity. There is nothing like hearing the voice behind the screens to lend humanity to learning.

Educause Learning Initiative 2016

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Crafting Our Future: Toward New Digital Learning Environments is the theme for the 2016 ELI Annual Meeting. As a community, we are working to create a cohesive and connected environment for all students and instructors, and the ELI encourages you to share your work with your colleagues. There are several session types to choose from, such as pre-conference seminars, hands-on and interactive presentation sessions, and poster sessions.