A reflection for the last post
It is what I enjoy most

Not the reflection part
I state this from the heart

It is the last post
That I will be giving a toast

The time has been busy for sure
But, I didn’t mind the detour

It was all about the education
During this whole duration

This post will be brief
I know…That’s a relief

I thank TeLS for the opportunity
To bring this to the community

A challenge is always fun
When it can be done

I believe I fulfilled the “must”
If not, I am sure we can adjust

It’s been at times a pain
One I may not do again

Glad I get a Brunch
I could use a good munch

Thanks to all who dropped by my door
Some had never been there before

They marvel at the decorations
That keep me on track with my obligations

So to all of you I say
Thanks for letting me do this my way

Now a Random Video – No. Not Frank Sinatra!

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