Canvas Satisfaction Survey Results

The survey says…!

The TeLS dept. recently put out a survey to the faculty about satisfaction with Canvas and ease of use.  There were almost 70 faculty that took it (69 to be exact)!  Thank you to all that participated.  The information that was received from this survey is very important to us for many reasons.  So what were the results?  Well, the first question on the survey was, “How happy are you with Canvas?”  37% of participants gave it a 5, 40% gave it a 4, 18% gave it a 3, 3% gave it a 2 and 2% gave it a 1.  

That means that 77% seem very happy with Canvas giving scores of either 4 or 5, 18% are on the fence with scores of 3 and about 5% are dissatisfied with it.

The last question on the survey was an open-ended question that asked what instructors need in order to be more successful.  Some of the answers varied from funny (more money) to more serious.  Of the more serious answers, some were: Canvas trainings for new hires, better peer review function in Canvas, lock-down browser, word counts for discussion boards, more quizzing functions and games.

This was all very enlightening and will give direction for trainings, direct suggestions to Canvas and more.  The TeLS dept. thanks you and hopes that you feel welcome to come to us for any concerns that you have.  We want you to be the best teachers that you can and want to help in any way possible.

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