It’s FTSE Day
We are on our way

This halfway point
Is not here to disjoint

It is a time to check
To keep up the spec

Students who are missing
Will get the FTSE “dissing”

I thought I’d have more
But many made the score

One class ends Friday
Their big doomsday

Some in this class will fail
A few today tried to bail

Their scores will reflect
The knowledge of the subject

A game to create
Submitted by the due date

Ahhhh but I digress
FTSE is the topic to express

Who in your course will you allow
For FTSE day is upon us now

There are reminders galore
For this process we can’t ignore

The Registrar will shout
“Get that FTSE out”

It is a simple task
Can’t do it? Just ask

Students are either one or the other
“Go” or “W” they will discover

If a “W” is placed in the square
It is their cross to bear

To think I would not see
No work being submitted to me

They are now gone
For FTSE Day is on

I am sure a few will cry
Wanting to know the reason why

The answer to them I give
For this is their prerogative

Try participating in class
This is basically all I ask

Show me you are interested
Show me you are invested

To not participate in assignments
Means you fail to meet requirements

So, on FTSE Day
You will be on YOUR way

Random Video – Rest In Peace Tom Petty

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