Why do professors like to teach?

You know how we as consumers can always use a little more cash?  Well, I too fall into this category and because of it, have had the opportunity to take on extra responsibilities at the college.  Now this seems as though it might have a negative twist to it, but it doesn’t.  The extra responsibility that I have taken on is within the realm of TeLS (Teaching and eLearning Support).  Turns out that I love it!  I recently found myself in the TeLS office on the Verde campus burrowing my way through the intricacies of settings and assignments in Canvas when I had Barb (Interim Associate Dean) enter my office.  She started by explaining some big event that we were to have on campus to celebrate our college, our campus and our veterans.  It all sounded so awesome up until the point where she said, ” … and we want you to make a video that showcases our instructors.”  I was a little taken back by the exact magnitude of the project.  I shot back with many clarifying questions and tried to soak up her responses as best as I could.  Time passed and I acquired a decent video camera (learned that), transferred video clips into a video editing software (learned that), exported the video to various sizes and formats for YouTube and other media sources (learned some there too) and finally determined the best mode for presentation on the equipment to be used (learning there too), it was set!  What a project!  At least it was a project for me, a rather green/new-comer to this sort of thing.  I found that although the technology is important, is is merely a vehicle for the content.  The things that the professorate shared in this video was personal, sincere and important; so much so, that I wanted to share it with you.  So here you go!

What do you love about teaching?

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