Welcome to the Second Annual9x9x25 Challenge!

Welcome to the Second Annual 9x9x25 Challenge! As usual, we triple dog dare you to take us up on the the Challenge! We begin this year on September 22nd!

DOGDAREThe 9x9x25 Challenge is about educators sharing ideas about teaching and learning. The Challenge is about writing as a reflective practice in teaching. The Challenge is about sharing your experiences as an educator, discovering new ideas about teaching and learning, creating a deeper sense of community between faculty at Yavapai College. The Challenge is also about learning what the internet is capable of and how it can be used in academic environments. And this year, we are hoping to bring some other colleges into the mix of faculty writing and conversation. With all of that at stake, how can you not participate?

What are the expectations? The Challenge is nine weeks long and each week, except one, you will be expected to complete 25 sentences about teaching and learning. This year, the sixth week will focus on commenting on your colleagues writing. The writing you do needs to be in a place that anyone can see it, read it, and interact with it. In most cases, that means writing on a “blog.” That is it.

This year, we have a few new treats for those that complete the writing each week. We will start with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream because it is so yummy. We have some great books about teaching and learning from The GIFT Center and we have some very cool stuff from Educause, the Instructional Technology Council, and The League for Innovation in the Community College. The cookies went over pretty well last year so we will continue with that tradition.

TeLS can help you with all the technical parts of completing the Challenge. We have a few trainings set up prior to the start of the Challenge. You can find them here.

challenge badgeDuring the next two weeks the TeLS staff will be coming around to offices with the Official 9x9x25 Race Bags. If you choose to participate you will get a race bag complete with all the tools to get you started.

The awesome opportunity is sponsored by the Yavapai College GIFT Center and TeLS.

You can see the work your colleagues did last year by visiting the TeLS Webletter.

If you have questions you can email todd.conaway@yc.edu or give Todd a call at 634. 6580

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