The 9x9x25 Challenge is Complete

Well, we did it!

Congratulations to the faculty (and the lone dean) who participated in the Challenge! Great work! You will always be able to see the posts completed for the Challenge in the 9x9x25 Archives in the right side of the site navigation.

This week we have our lunch with the president and we get to discover some ways to improve the challenge for next year.

In the near future we will be turning the Webletter back into the usual post or two a week and we hope we will continue to get some faculty to share ideas here throughout the year. There seems to be interest from some of the 9x9x25 authors to do just that. Remember, if you attend a conference and have some good information to share, please let us know and we will add it here as a post. And for any and all faculty, we would love to have you share what you do that works, what doesn’t, and why with our college community.

Till next year’s challenge, the team at TeLS will work hard to relay relevant and useful information to you a couple of times a week.

We made a printed copy of the 9x9x25 posts and it is 348 pages. Wow.

Below are all the posts in order as a PDF.


5 thoughts on “The 9x9x25 Challenge is Complete

  1. It’s funny – I’ve been in the habit of thinking about what can I write about every week for 9 weeks that I had two excellent ideas for two writings just in the last few days. One was about Mike Tyson and his influence on my teaching career 🙂 and the other was about my move from VA to AZ. I thought. I should write them now and save them for next year LOL 🙂

    1. You’ll never remember “next year.” Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? You write and I’ll click buttons and add it here!

      You have done great work here Charlie and it is appreciated! Thank you.

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