My Short Reflection of the 9x9x25 Challenge

I have to say that, at first, although I recognized the goal and thought the idea was great, I worried that it would end up being another thing on my to do list.

Oddly, though, after the first or second post, I realized how much I enjoyed writing them. And I thought of all sorts of various ways I could integrate a similar challenge into my EDU 200 & 210 courses.

I haven’t yet had a chance to read many of the other posts, but I’m happy to know that they are accessible to me at any time. Sometimes, as teachers, we just need a little inspiration or advice. I was not surprised by the talent of our top-notch instructors, but impressed with their openness and willingness to read and comment on other posts. I could tell everyone involved was thoroughly engaged. Reading the few that I did really made me realize what a gold mine of great professors and instructors we have here. Not only are they content savvy, but they’re also dynamic teachers.

Thanks a bunch for putting this all together and for the treats along the way!

It’s been a great experience!

1 thought on “My Short Reflection of the 9x9x25 Challenge

  1. It’s been better that a great experience! The best is that we had both full-time faculty and adjunct faculty (you rock Erin & Ruth!) participating. Thanks to Todd, Jason and Thatcher for thinking of this challenge; and yes, we do have a gold mine at Yavapai College, and it’s the reason Todd is always bugging us to share – the world needs to know!

    I know that all of us were ‘challenged’, but we all really enjoyed thoughtful ideas and new ways of thinking about teaching and student learning. I’ll definitely be looking for the spring challenge!


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