My 9x9x25 Challenge Reflection: What Yoda Taught the Teacher About Being a Teacher

For My 9x9x25 Challenge Reflection, I’ll start with week 3. On week 3, I told Todd, the Yoda behind this challenge, “Man, this challenge isn’t easy.” And like Yoda, he said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Do. Or do not. There is not try.

OK. Todd didn’t actually say that exactly. But he did say, and I quote, “If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge.” And like a Jedi, in the Jedi Temple, I thought, “Right.” Then I thought, “Since it’s a challenge, I will learn something from it.” And this was the fumes that allowed my effort to putter to this last writing of this challenge.

So did I learn something from this challenge? Yes. I learned about myself as a teacher. I learned I have a pattern as a teacher who just teaches. It’s actually not a bad thing. I mean, I teach my students what they need to know. And I’m pretty sure I do an excellent job. I mean, just check out my 235 ratings. I have an ‘A,’ and a hot chili pepper on fire. Now, that’s flattering.

OK. I’m being sort of silly, and I sort of veered so back to my reflection of this challenge.

What I learned is that I have been missing out on thinking about teaching, thinking about the art of teaching. The stuff I learned in college to become a teacher. But the stuff I stopped thinking about when I became a teacher.

Now, will I continue to think about teaching, about the art of teaching now that this challenge is over? Honestly, no. I need a challenge, a Yoda, a Todd. So, for this challenge, I want to thank Yoda, I mean, Todd, and until next year “May the Force be with you.

Todd and Charlie During The 9x9x25 Challenge

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  1. Wow. What confidence with the RateMyProfessor…I have been reluctant to look…:-). And I gotta get with the intensity. I am way to comfortable in my routine. Thanks for your enlightening words over the past weeks.

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