We Triple Dog Dare You!

DOGDAREWhat is the challenge? Well, TeLS and the GIFT Center invite you to create 9 pieces of writing with 25 sentences or more each week for 9 weeks beginning September 16th. Aside from the 25 sentences each week for 9 weeks, the only other rule is that the writing must be about teaching and learning. That’s a lot of latitude to write about pedagogy, tools, successes, challenges, or hopes and dreams.

The short term goal of the challenge is to give faculty a playful space to share and learn and to see what colleagues are doing in classes. These writings will also be in a place where new and seasoned faculty can easily access them for years to come. The long term goal of the 9 x 9 x 25 Challenge is to push teachers to be reflective practitioners in the field of education and share their reflections with colleagues. While the nine weeks of writing may be a start, we hope that some of the participants will continue to write and share their thoughts about the educational landscape.

We will use the internet as a place to write and share the work. The faculty writing will be magically delivered to the telswebletter and it will be there so that you can read the work your colleagues submit. TeLS will help you build a place to write from and support you throughout the 9 weeks.

You can see scheduled 9 x 9 x 25 trainings here or call us anytime and we will happily make you a master of writing on the internet in less than 20 minutes. And when you run astray during the 9 weeks, we will be available to help you find the right path. Really!

What is in it for you besides sharing your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues? For completing each week, the participants will be rewarded with a variety of awesome gifts, from Viticulture t-shirts, books about teaching and learning, to lunch with the college president. To sweeten the deal, we will reward you with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s delivered to your office for completing the first week of the challenge! Adjunct instructors will get to pick up your awesome rewards from any of our fine offices.

So, are you up for the challenge? We know you are busy. We know you already share your ideas at the institutes and at the water cooler. But we challenge you to use sentences as a way to reflect and share your thoughts about teaching and learning with a broader audience. Imagine if 20 teachers survive all 9 weeks that would produce 180 pieces of writing from Yavapai College teachers about teaching and learning! We could use that!

Are you wondering what 25 sentences looks like? Well, you just read them!

To signup, please email todd.conaway@yc.edu before September 20th. The first week’s writing is due the 22nd.

To get started writing right now for free, visit www.wordpress.com, www.blogger.com, www.tumbler.com or http://blogs.yc.edu/wp-signup.php (use your YC username for blogs.yc.edu) For a small fee we suggest http://reclaimhosting.com/ or http://www.bluehost.com/spoke for more control and permanency.

Remember, if you need help, please contact Todd or the TeLS department.

6 thoughts on “We Triple Dog Dare You!

  1. I am looking forward to reading the teacher blogs. Let’s get those juices flowing. Hope you all win a lot of stuff and are able to circle the president with lunch buddies.

  2. From such humble beginnings, you all amassed SUCH a potent bod of quality, reflective work. I was impressed at Educause, but after following along this term, I am in awe! Todd, we will take our challenge to Butler Community College this ring. Thanks for the inspiration.

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