Two Great Opportunities!

There are two great opportunities to learn about the internet and teaching coming up in the next few weeks. One is a class without a teacher but full of teachers, and the other is a class full of teachers who teach each other. Well, maybe they are both classes that have teachers in them learning about teaching and how to use the internet.

Option Number One
smlogoThe Program for Online Teaching is a yearlong class offered by Lisa Lane and the good folks at MiraCosta Community College in California. The class has been running for a number of years and in various forms. This year along with writing on the web, the class will use the G+ space to share and discuss ideas and resources. Over the years it has had a wide variety of students (teachers) from all over the globe. You can see what the teachers from the class last year wrote about here.

The Program for Online Teaching is a deep look at the pedagogy behind all this online teaching we have been doing. How much have you read about the best practices in online instruction of the internet at large? How often have you written about the pedagogy behind what you do in the online spaces? This class gets to why we do what we do real quickly and allows teachers to share best practices and explore new territory in a safe and supportive environment. The class begins September 1st and you can register for the class here.

Option Number Two
ds106 has a pretty rich history and certainly it has strangest fans and participants. Beginning as a digital storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington is has had Jim Groom as one of the helmsmen. Jim is a nice fellow and even been written about in the Chronicle of Higher Education. That, of course, means he is famous.
headlessds106 allows participants to explore the world of the web and the very fibers it is made of. No LMS here. In fact, this time around there is no teacher! Imagine that. Yet many of the people already signed up are teachers. You can participate too. Alan Levine shares some anxiety reducing strategies here and you can go right here to find out how to be a part of this class that has been running nonstop for about four years.

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