The Shapes of Things to Come

I love to wonder about all the elements involved in learning. The color of the paint on the walls, audio levels, plants, chair styles, instructor’s motion in a classroom space, and material types used to share content. It all is part of the events we call learning. You don’t just get content. Much more happens in math class than math.

With online courses it is interesting to see the variety of options available. There are management systems, Twitter, videos, sounds, color, and all kinds of requests happening in a plastic and metal rectangle that you are now witting in front of. How do we use this thing to provide the best learning experiences for people?

Recently, the MOOC has been given a lot of attention. How will the qualities they have shape our understanding of what works in academic spaces and in social spaces and in learning in general. How will we arrange the spaces? What will the underlying architecture be?

It is a fascinating time to wonder these things given the tools we have and the ones we have had for years. This post by Martin Hawksey makes us thing about the design of learning spaces and the things (and people too)  that hold the designs together.

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