NBC Learn and Blackboard

Yavapai College now subscribes to NBC Learn, a resource for teachers and YC community members.  NBC Learn allows users to access a variety of programming media owned by NBC. Teachers can embed content into courses and students can access archival footage and current events within Blackboard from home. Content from the site can be added into discussion board posts in Blackboard. In addition, YC staff can access the content from college computers on any campus. You can learn more about how it is used by visiting this page and taking a look at the implementation resources. Additionally, this PDF document covers some ideas for use and of the best practices in using the resources available and here are a few more ideas about how to use it in the classroom.

To access NBC learn from any college computer on any campus, go to www.highered.nbclearn.com. You will see Yavapai Community College in the upper right hand corner along with a link to register yourself with the site. You do not have to register to see the content, but if you do you will be able to save content in a playlist. If you choose not to register, you still have access to all of the materials on the NBC Learn site.

If you have questions about access or use, please contact TeLS.

Here is a very short look at how it can in the Blackboard Environment. (http://www.screencast.com/t/ZpbeOMWsD)
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Here is a longer look at how to find content in the NBC Learn environment. (at http://www.nbclearn.com/tools/ )

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  1. AWESOME resource you amazing folks in TELS! The clips are searchable if you are looking for something specific and not indexed(like Bankruptcy Law) and WOW, voila! And the link to the video for how to use it makes it simple, simple, simple. As always, you rock!

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