Second Annual March for Best Practice! March 16th through the 28th

Are you ready to march with us? You can read a bit about it here. Don’t want to march with us? Well, you can see our march below and learn from the participants by simply clicking the play button on any video! They all play full screen if you click the icon in the lower right corner of the player! This is a peaceful march, so please, no screaming obscenities, throwing objects, flipping cars, or demeaning those who do not support our noble cause.


CHRIS HEYER Best Practice: Multimedia and Student Engagement

MIKE RUDDELL Best Practice: Keeping Textbook Costs Down

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Using Multimedia to Engage Students

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Course Materials are Appropriately Cited

KELLY TRAINOR Best Practice: Course Design and Learner Engagement

STEVE DOYLE Best Practice: Using multimedia tools and student engagement

DAVE GRASER Best Practice: Dave shares how he uses a blog in his math class

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: The assessments measure the stated learning objectives

JASON WHITESITT Best Practice: Field trips are possible and often amazing!

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Give Student a Great Course Overview

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Course Overview

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Clear Directions about Course Design

EVENT ORGANIZER Welcome to the 2015 March for Best Practice!

VERDE ADJUNCT FACULTY Best Practice: Sharing with your colleagues

JOANNE OELLERS Best Practice: Activities lead to desired learning outcomes

THATCHER BOHRMAN Best Practice: Using synchronous learning tools

JERI HAMILTON Best Practice: Multiple opportunities to assess learning

LINDSAY HENNING Best Practice: Student introductions in class

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Project based and active learning


LINDSAY HENNING Best Practice: Instructions make clear how to get started

IMPLEMENTING QUALITY MATTERS How a Texas college implemented QM

MIKE RUDDELL Best Practice: Orientation options for students

MARIE HARDMAN Best Practice: Information about online resources

TRACY RUSSO Best Practice: Developing an online presence

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Assessments measure stated objectives

CHRIS HEYER Best Practice: Student support and feedback

JASON WHITESITT Best Practice: QM 8.3 Course Design

SUZANNE WALDENBERGER Best Practice: Students pose and answer questions

JASON WHITESITT Best Practice: QM 6.2 Media supports learner engagement

LARRY GRIMM Best Practice: Be authentic ,be you, and your online presence.

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Clearly stating course goals and objectives

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Collaboration activites reinforce course content

CURTIS KLEINMAN Best Practice: Learning opportunities support active learning

MARCH ORGANIZER Best Practice: Opportunities for self assessment

KARLY WAY Best Practice: Video introduction for online classes

JERI HAMILTON Best Practice: Consistent course navigation

JOANNE OELLERS Best Practice: Accessibility and regular feedback

LAURA CLINE Best Practice: Learner Support in Syllabus

JUSTIN BRERETON Best Practice: Using other experts

SUZANNE WALDENBERGER Best Practice: Using media for documentation

THATCHER BOHRMAN Best Practice: Substantial feedback

MARK DeLONG & TRACY RUSSO How Professional Development looks at NMC!

TARA ONEILL Best Practice: Objectives clearly written

CHARLES LOHMAN Best Practice: Guidance on how to obtain accommodation

TINA LUFFMAN Best Practice: Materials used in the course are appropriately cited

SAL BUFFO Best Practice: Designing engaging activities

LARRY GRIMM Best Practice: Creating classroom lectures using Tegrity

CURTIS KLEINMAN Best Practice: Course technology supports engagement

RANDOM STREET MUSICIAN Best Practice: Sharing what we do well!

TODD CONAWAY Best Practice: State the course objectives

JENNY JACOBSON Best Practice: Active learning leads to desired outcomes

UNKNOWN PROTESTER Best Practice: Guiding your students through the class

TODD CONAWAY Best Practice: Required and optional material

RUTH ALSOBROOK Best Practice: Sharing an introduction of yourself

TODD CONAWAY Best Practice: Course is visually and functionally consistent

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