Building a Canvas Course Playground

Want a Canvas class without students in it?  One that isn’t tied to a term end-date?  This video goes over, not only how to have a safe place to build and practice in Canvas, but it also covers how to hand-pick information that you want to bring in to your class from previous courses.  You know, so you don’t have to build everything all over again.

Grading Best Practice

One of the best practices for grading student’s work is to do in anonymously.  Why?  It’s good to make sure that our subtle little biases don’t sneak in when having to decide on partial points or other micro decisions.  Check out this 56 sec video that shows how to better ensure anonymous grading in Canvas.


Would you like to have engaging quizzing like hot-spot clicking or matching built right in with your lessons?  Maybe even have those lesson quizzes report to your grade book?  You can!  Take a look at this video from some of our friends down in the Maricopa Community College world to see how easy it can be to set up.  Also, take a look at what you can create with this sample course here, or check it all out for yourself at



You know how Facebook is addicting to some users?  Some like it because of its layout, others like it to keep up-to-date or share their thoughts with the world.  Whatever the reason, many people like it.  If only there were a way to take the elements from Facebook and incorporate them in an educational format.  Oh wait, you can!  Check out the demo video and the more in-depth walkthrough of Notebowl.

In-depth walkthrough