Welcome to the Second Annual
9x9x25 Challenge!

Welcome to the Second Annual 9x9x25 Challenge! As usual, we triple dog dare you to take us up on the the Challenge! We begin this year on September 22nd!

DOGDAREThe 9x9x25 Challenge is about educators sharing ideas about teaching and learning. The Challenge is about writing as a reflective practice in teaching. The Challenge is about sharing your experiences as an educator, discovering new ideas about teaching and learning, creating a deeper sense of community between faculty at Yavapai College. The Challenge is also about learning what the internet is capable of and how it can be used in academic environments. And this year, we are hoping to bring some other colleges into the mix of faculty writing and conversation. With all of that at stake, how can you not participate?

What are the expectations? The Challenge is nine weeks long and each week, except one, you will be expected to complete 25 sentences about teaching and learning. This year, the sixth week will focus on commenting on your colleagues writing. The writing you do needs to be in a place that anyone can see it, read it, and interact with it. In most cases, that means writing on a “blog.” That is it.

This year, we have a few new treats for those that complete the writing each week. We will start with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream because it is so yummy. We have some great books about teaching and learning from The GIFT Center and we have some very cool stuff from Educause, the Instructional Technology Council, and The League for Innovation in the Community College. The cookies went over pretty well last year so we will continue with that tradition.

TeLS can help you with all the technical parts of completing the Challenge. We have a few trainings set up prior to the start of the Challenge. You can find them here.

challenge badgeDuring the next two weeks the TeLS staff will be coming around to offices with the Official 9x9x25 Race Bags. If you choose to participate you will get a race bag complete with all the tools to get you started.

The awesome opportunity is sponsored by the Yavapai College GIFT Center and TeLS.

You can see the work your colleagues did last year by visiting the TeLS Webletter.

If you have questions you can email todd.conaway@yc.edu or give Todd a call at 634. 6580

The 2014 Program for Online Teaching

We love how this class is presented!

“Curriculum created by experienced online faculty based on pedagogy
instead of technology training”

The amazing Program for Online Teaching begins on September 1st. The 14 week online class is offered from the MiraCosta Community College in California and if led by some remarkable and dedicated faculty. Below is an introduction to the class by Lisa Lane, a history faculty at MiraCosta.

The class offers:

  • Completion of a full semester to earn a POT Certificate of Completion
  • A combined community of MiraCosta College faculty and participants from around the globe
  • An opportunity to experience being an online student
  • Experimentation with the latest online tools and techniques
  • An open online environment
  • An emphasis on teaching and learning
  • The opportunity to learn the WordPress platform
  • Participant-created documentation and reflection for future reference and professional development credit

You can visit the class website and sign up for the class by clicking here.

Welcome Back!

The TeLS staff would like to welcome back all the students and faculty for the new school year! So much to do and so many things to learn! We have a few things we are excited about that are coming up in the next couple months and we share them here. You can give one a try or all three!connected

Connected Courses begins September 2nd
There are some great folks presenting and participating in this online course. If you are interested in seeing how the web can be used in learning, this is a great opportunity. The Mission of the Connected Courses:

  • Connected Courses is a collaborative network of faculty in higher education developing online, open courses that embody the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web.
  • Our goal is to build an inclusive and expansive network of teachers, students, and educational offerings that makes high quality, meaningful, and socially connected learning available to everyone.

You can see more about the class by clicking here.

challenge badgeThe 9x9x25 begins September 22nd
You may have hear of the Challenge as it went over pretty well last year. We will be inviting all faulty to participate and coming door to door to see if you are up for the challenge next month! You can see what your colleagues wrote late year here.
We invite you to share your expertise and wonder about how we can all improve our teaching practice.

Applying the 2014 Quality Matters Rubric face-to-face workshop on September 26th
The Gift Center will be sponsoring this day-long workshop on Friday September 26th. It is a great opportunity to look at how the rubric is used and can be used to improve your online courses. Here is the short description.
You can sign up by clicking here.

The ITC Summer Newsletter Features Three YC Faculty


Three Yavapai College faculty were highlighted in the Instructional Technology Council’s Summer Newsletter! The Instructional Technology Council (ITC) offers conferences and training to faculty and has on online newsletter that comes out quarterly. You can submit work to the newsletter by clicking here. The ITC also provided some of the gifts faculty received for participating in the 9x9x25 last year.

You can read all of the articles in the nesletter  by clicking here.

League for Innovation Learning Summit

Todd is headed down to the Learning Summit conference sponsored by the League for Innovation in the Community College. Todd will be sharing the story of the 9x9x25 and hopefully have some conversations about how similar experiences might be set up at other colleges. Here are the slides for the presentation.

For participants at the Learning Summit:

You can access all of the 9x9x25 faculty posts by clicking on “9x9x25 Archives” in the navigation above this post.

You can see all of the final reflections by the faculty by clicking here.

You can read the initial email sent to faculty here.

You can see the 4x4x16 writing by faculty from Northwestern Michigan College here.

The amazing March for Best Practices is the link right next to the 9x9x25.

Todd will be reporting on the event shortly here on the Webletter.