Monday Morning Update for July 27th

As summer courses end we are removing Blackboard content from the Webletter and replacing it with Canvas information. You may see some slight changes in the look to the site, but we are keeping Canvas front and center.

We have many scheduled trainingopportunities coming up in August and invite you to attend them. Here is the college training site and the TeLS Workshops. Of course, you can call anytime as well to schedule a one on one meeting with us.

getting started

The Canvas Community is a website that Canvas has created for all Canvas users. It has tutorials and features that allow faculty to interact in discussion forums. They recently updated the site to meet the needs of faculty and others who are looking for answers and to offer recommendations.

Last week, Todd Conaway had an article published in the Keep Learning blog that is run by Canvas. It looks at the 9x9x25 Challenge that Yavapai College has been offering faculty over the past two years. You can read the article here.

Monday Morning Update July 20th


As you build your course modules, what are some of the things you add? Pages with material for reading, a link to an external website with course information, or a quiz or a discussion link? All of these are likely and are parts of most courses.

One of the Quality Matters recommendations is that you allow students to do either practice quizzes or use tools they can “self-assess” thier progress. One tool that does that well is Quizlet and it also a app available in Canvas. Below is an example of one of the Quizlets a student made for a class here at Yavapai.

Canvas really sells the mobility part of their product and the Canvas apps are amazing. If you have an iPad, iPhone or an Android device of any kind, you should download them and see how useful they may be.

The Andrioid App is here.

The iOS App is here.

The SpeedGrader also is an app.

Android is here.

iOS is here.



We are working on a Canvas class for for students that will have some basics of being an online student and how to use Canvas. As long as you are logged into YC you can see the class here.

Additionally, we have some of that same content in the site navigation above. It is called “Student Canvas Support.” You might want to create a link to it in your first module in canvas or in a welcome email to students.

Monday Morning Update on July 13th


The Canvas Network has many classes you can take and one that just finished week three is a class called Teaching Online: Reflections on Practice. Here is a short wrap-up of the work this past week. Do you post weekly wrap-ups?

InstructureCon 2015

You can watch many of the awesome sessions presented at the InstructureCon event last month here. Here is a video about Humanizing the Online Classroom.

You can learn a lot about people, companies, and the world in general from Twitter. Here is what Canvas is sharing.


Teaching Originality, Creativity, and Critical Thinking

How do students define “originality” in their cultural moment–one that is always on, connected, and sharing (thanks to the web and mobile technology)? And, how do their interpretations differ from what educators consider original in the classroom context? Delving deeper, how do we go about teaching students how to be creative and to think critically when doing their own work?

This webcast shares insights into how educators can encourage more creative, engaged, and original thought from their students.


The video below is from a Canvas Conference. You’ll also see how you can use Panopto to go beyond the lecture – webcasting campus events, capturing student recordings, and creating engaging course materials from any laptop or mobile device.

Beyond Lecture Capture: Using Panopto for Student Recording, Event Webcasting, and More, Eric Burns, Panopto from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Welcome to the First Monday Update from TeLS

This is the first of a series of weekly Newsflashes TeLS will be sending out. We hope to provide some useful web based resources each week and identify some ways that we can be of assistance during this time of transition.

You can see our training schedule on the Yavapai College training site located here.

We invite you to call us, email us, or stop by our offices anytime for assistance.


canvas logoWe created a great resource on the TeLS Webletter for you to begin learning how to use Canvas. In addition to our scheduled trainings we invite you to call or email us and stop by the office for some one-on-one training. If you have a few people in your division you can get together to work with Canvas, please let us know and we would be happy to be there to help!

Important Places to Go for Canvas Information

Our TeLS Offices

Computer lab in tels officeWe have a new faculty workroom and we are ready to help you with anything related to Canvas. Stop by our Prescott or Clarkdale office anytime for assistance.

The Canvas Community

The Community offers faculty a place to go to share ideas about how Canvas is working for them and as a place to add requests for features. It is also a great place to get answers about how to use Canvas.

The Canvas Vimeo Channel

The Vimeo channel has many videos for students and faculty. By selecting the “Collections” tab you can see the various albums that organize the video content.


turnitinTransBack400pxAs we move away from Blackboard, we will also be using a different plagiarism detection tool. We are moving to Turnitin and feel confident that the integration it has with Canvas will be a good experience for faculty and students.

Will be be sharing some basic “how to” videos specific to Yavapai College, but for now Turnitin has some great videos about how to use the product.


We will be moving from using Tegrity as our lecture capture software to Panopto. Panopto provides the same functionality as tegrity but has a number of other great features. Videos created in tegrity are being added to Panopto and by the beginning of the fall semester Canvas will be integrated with Panopto.

Learn about Using Panopto

PanoptoLogo-2Panopto has some great resources available to learn how to use the software. You can see the “How to’s” here under “documentation.” There is also a great selection of videos available here. The sections that will help the most are “Recording,” “Uploading,” and “Editing.”

Online Course Visit: EDU210

president wills taking on online course visitDr. Wills and I sat down for the second “online course visit” this year. While it’s easy to drop in on a face-to-face classroom to get a taste of what’s happening there, it’s different for online learning.

Dr. Wills has been excited to extend her regular visits to the online system, and for good reason: more than 30% of YC courses are offered online. Instructor Tara O’neill made a short screen video to guide the president, suggesting assignments to look at and even participate in. She was able to see some best practices in action, see the work students are doing, and learn about the processes and challenges in this learning environment.

If YOU would like Dr. Wills to visit your online course, drop me a line!