Congratulations Maricopa and Mohave Community Colleges!

OER_ProgressGraphicThe Maricopa Community Colleges and the Mohave Community College were both selected as finalists for the 2015 Bellwether Award given out this week in Florida.

The Maricopa schools are receiving the recognition for their work they are doing on the Maricopa Millions Project. The goal of the project is to save students 5 million dollars in textbook costs over a five year period. They are well on the way to reaching that goal and we congratulate the work they have done for students.

Perhaps here at Yavapai we might wonder how we can contribute to lowering textbook costs for our students. We have some teachers already using OER texts, but there is no institutional movement locking at the possibilities. Maybe it is time for us to do so?

The Mohave Community Colleges are being recognized for the work in decreasing student loan default rates. You can see a description of the project below.


Welcome Back!

We have a new version of Blackboard and we have lots of training videos if you need to know how to do something. For the most part the new version does all the same things the other version did. It looks a bit different, but for the most part it is the same. The videos are all in the navigation of the Webletter in the black bar to the upper right of this text. If you hover over “Blackboard Tutorials” you’ll see the videos are broken up into three sections on YouTube. Each section has  a number of useful videos. If you need assistance, please call the us here at TeLS!


Last Faculty Standing

With all these new fangled gadgets coming and going it can cause quite a stir. Television, radio, iPads and iPods…. For this part of the Last Faculty Standing, please view the video below and share a response as a comment here on the Webletter.

2014 Winter Institute December 10th and 11th


The Winter Institute is here! Join your colleagues for two days of faculty led workshops and great lunchtime conversations. We will have a focus on Student Success and we will also have be running the infamous Last Faculty Standing game featuring a Samsung Tab 4 as a prize!

You can sign up for sessions on the Yavapai College Training site here. You can visit the Institute Wiki here and see some of the presentation materials from this year and many years past.

The 2014 9x9x25 Challenge is Complete

We have completed our second annual 9x9x25. We had 187 posts written by 23 faculty over a nine week period. You can see them in the embedded book below or read the posts here on the Webletter.

We had more views of the TeLS Webletter during the month of October than any month in the Webletter’s six year history.


We brought in a number of posts from the 4x4x16 Challenge that Northwestern Michigan College ran and we discovered that three faculty from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado ran a semester long reflective professional development program based in part on the 9x9x25 Challenge.

You can see the 2014 Yavapai College 9x9x25 Challenge participant’s blogs by clicking on the links below.

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