The ITC Summer Newsletter Features Three YC Faculty


Three Yavapai College faculty were highlighted in the Instructional Technology Council’s Summer Newsletter! The Instructional Technology Council (ITC) offers conferences and training to faculty and has on online newsletter that comes out quarterly. You can submit work to the newsletter by clicking here. The ITC also provided some of the gifts faculty received for participating in the 9x9x25 last year.

You can read all of the articles in the nesletter  by clicking here.

League for Innovation Learning Summit

Todd is headed down to the Learning Summit conference sponsored by the League for Innovation in the Community College. Todd will be sharing the story of the 9x9x25 and hopefully have some conversations about how similar experiences might be set up at other colleges. Here are the slides for the presentation.

For participants at the Learning Summit:

You can access all of the 9x9x25 faculty posts by clicking on “9x9x25 Archives” in the navigation above this post.

You can see all of the final reflections by the faculty by clicking here.

You can read the initial email sent to faculty here.

You can see the 4x4x16 writing by faculty from Northwestern Michigan College here.

The amazing March for Best Practices is the link right next to the 9x9x25.

Todd will be reporting on the event shortly here on the Webletter.

Welcome to the 2014 Summer Institute & The Final Faculty Standing

For the 2014 Final Faculty Standing game/race you are to watch the video below and share a thoughtful response. To receive complete credit and a shiny stamp on your card, your response must go beyond, “That is criminal” or “I want one of those.”

Good luck and if you need a teaching machine, you can come by the TeLS Offices most anytime to get yours. We now allow you to return to “the machine.” And remember, you are the author of the program, not the teaching machine itself.