Educause Learning Initiative 2016

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Crafting Our Future: Toward New Digital Learning Environments is the theme for the 2016 ELI Annual Meeting. As a community, we are working to create a cohesive and connected environment for all students and instructors, and the ELI encourages you to share your work with your colleagues. There are several session types to choose from, such as pre-conference seminars, hands-on and interactive presentation sessions, and poster sessions.

Importing Content into Your Spring 2016 Canvas Course

Follow these steps to import an existing course (a 2015 Canvas course) into a Spring 2016 Course:

  1. Go to the Spring 2016 course
  2. Select “Settings” in the course navigation
  3. Select “Import Content into this Course” on the right side of the menu (NOT COPY THIS COURSE)
  4. Using the “Content Type” drop-down menu, select “Copy a Canvas Course.”
  5. Click over “Select a course” and choose your Fall 2015 course, or the one you want to import into the new class.
  6. Select “All content” next to Content
  7. At “Date adjustment” select the checkbox next to “Adjust events and due dates.”
  8. You will see that the dates have already been changed to start on January 18th and end on May 5th. Leave them that way.
  9. Click “Import.”

You will still need to fine tune the dates for assignments in your class. The fastest way to do that is to use the calendar and drag and drop assignments into the correct dates.

The + Substitution button will allow you to bulk change assignment dates from one day of the week to another.

Here is a 2 minute video explaining the process above.

Here is the Canvas Guide to Importing a Canvas Course.

* Things to watch out for when importing:

  • Imported announcements will suddenly show up in YOUR dashboard, but won’t be sent to students until you either publish your course or on the dates you set to post them.


How Students See and Complete Turnitin Assignments

Wise Words About Learning and Teaching

The image below and the words on it is a sort of motivational poster.

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If you could make an inspirational poster and had the image below, what might your words be? Use the commenting field to add your response.


2015 Winter Institute Voicethread

Please share a thought or two on the VoiceThread below about the 9x9x25. Are you going to participate next year? If so, let us know. If not, tell us why!